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An All Female

Julius Caesar:

Paper Project

Rutgers Conservatory at Shakespeare's Globe

Supervisor: Michael Pavelka

Director: Dugald Bruce Lockhart

A self exploration through the workings of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar at the Globe Theater in the Fall of 2016.


Inspiration/resources via Google Images

Model Box:

The Dorfman at The National Theater, London

Scale: 1:25

Watercolored costume renderings

Illustrated scenes using Adobe Photoshop

Costume Renderings

Julius Caesar
A Sooth Sayer
Cinna the Poet ; All her life on her back, engraving tools around her neck, after death Cinna joins the prophet Sooth Sayers, carrying the last words of those approached by Cinna before they die.
The Senators 

Illustrated Scenes

An intimate scene before Caesar returns to the Senate.

The army arrives in search of the Conspiriters

London 2016

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