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Space Giraffes

Teaming up with Kingdom Clothing based in California, a streetwear company that gives portion of their profit to protecting wildlife. With the purchase of these posters, the proceeds will be donated to

Malibu Farms in California, a company that was affected by the recent wildfires.

This project came forth as an effort to help raise awareness on the protection of  these endangered creatures, both across oceans and those closer to home.

This line of Space Giraffes, includes the first edition signed poster/prints at,

at $25USD with 100% of the proceeds going to protect Giraffes.

You can buy the actual paintings here, with 60% of the proceeds going the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, donated independently upon purchase.


Paintings: 16x32in

Posters: 13x27in 

Recycled Plywood/canvas


Contact if interested!


Price of Paintings: $125 each

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